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Alt Sensor, load cells for static tests. Catalog. 906.11 KB
ARIN, dynamic supply voltage regulator. Booklet. 1.13 MB
BCSU, electric actuators control system. Catalog. 974.49 KB
Braun, Speed Monitoring and Protection Systems. Booklet. 1.39 MB
CMR, modular power frames. Catalog. 1.42 MB
Corporate brochure.ru/en 5.34 MB
DJB, accelerometers and equipment. Catalog. 4.41 MB
Drive solution «Electric cylinders». Catalog.en 1.01 MB
EC-RGA/RGB, electric cylinders for control tasks. Catalog. 3.36 MB
EC-STN, еlectromechanical force actuators. Catalog. 3.9 MB
Electric actuators for hydro turbines. Catalog.en 2.12 MB
Electric cylinders for fixing lifting gates. Booklet. 1.55 MB
Exlar, new generation electric cylinders. Booklet. 1.73 MB
GTM, Load Cells and Torque Transducers. Booklet. 1.1 MB
GTX-PTEX, explosion-proof electric cylinders. Leaflet. 757.48 KB
GTX080PT, replacing legacy GSX30 actuators. Leaflet. 522.19 KB
Hydraulic drive for re-static tests. Catalog. 2.02 MB
Interface, Load Cells and Torque Transducers. Booklet. 1.25 MB
IS-MI, stands for measuring mass-inertial characteristics. Catalog. 1.07 MB
Iskra 16+, Test Rigs solution. Catalog. 3.21 MB
KS/KP, cable assemblies. Catalog. 977.71 KB
Mecvel, linear actuators for heavy industry. Booklet. 1.46 MB
MIS, modular measuring system. Catalog. 1.06 MB
Mobile Impactors. Booklet. 1.23 MB
MSHUE, modular electric drive control system. Catalog. 2.5 MB
Oemer, high power electric motors. Booklet. 951.21 KB
Optical measurement systems. Booklet. 737.75 KB
Piezo Actuators DSM. Booklet. 586.88 KB
Power quality. Catalog. 2.62 MB
Questionnaire 89.66 KB
RSC Pylons. Booklet. 911.33 KB
Sensorik loadpins. Booklet. 1.32 MB
Sinotest, hydraulic cylinders for dynamic tests. Catalog. 2.35 MB
STI, Vibration Testing Machine. Catalog. 3.99 MB
Test rigs: turn-key solutions, renew kit, service. Brochure.en 1.91 MB
Turbine regulation and protection. Brochure.en 1.86 MB
TWK, Linear transducers and encoders. Booklet. 1.48 MB
Vibration Research, Vibration Control & Dynamic Signal Analysis. Catalog. 2.58 MB
VR9500, vibration controller hardware. Catalog. 4.03 MB
Waterworks. Brochure. 3.7 MB