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EC-RGB, electric cylinders for control tasks

Modern high-precision linear electromechanical drives (electric cylinders) of our own design, designed for use in control systems that require a long service life and continuous operation.

Electric cylinders are fully developed and manufactured by the company in Russia. Most of the characteristics of electric cylinders are superior to modern foreign counterparts, and the cost and delivery time are significantly reduced in comparison with imported drives. In addition, production on the territory of the Russian Federation expands the possibilities of repair and maintenance of equipment.

Electric cylinders EC-RGB covers both most of the regulation tasks in the power industry, as well as particularly critical applications: chemical and petrochemical production, nuclear power.


Max force 4,7 kN
Stroke 50...150 mm
Max linear speed 480 mm/s
Working temperature -20…+80 °С


All applications
High power steam turbine control

High power steam turbine control

Production steam turbine control

Production steam turbine control