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CMR, modular power frames

The modular frames make it possible to quickly manufacture power frames for static and dynamic test benches as well as frames for production needs. Elements of the frames are designed and manufactured in Russia and are supplied with documentation in Russian.



Max. load (F) 40, 100, 200, 300 kN
Section length (L) 1,8 m
Section size (AxB) 2х2, 3х3, 4х4, 5х5, 6х6 m

All applications
Static test rigs

Static test rigs

Multichannel static and repeat-static tests (up to 3 Hz), temperature loads

Dynamic test rigs

Dynamic test rigs

Multichannel dynamic, resource and seismic tests

Motion platforms

Motion platforms

1-6 DoF motion platforms, waving simulation platforms, impact platforms, etc.