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DSM, piezo actuators

Piezoactuators are special, ultra-precise short-stroke linear actuators. They convert an electric voltage into a small, precisely controlled linear movement with a high developing force.
The principle of operation of piezoactuators is based on the inverse piezoelectric effect - the mechanical deformation of a crystal when an electric field is applied to it.

FPA: Flextensional Piezo Actuators are efficient amplified piezo actuators with travel from 50 to 2000 microns.

LPA and LFPA: Lever-Amplified Piezo Actuators are simple kinematic lever piezo actuators with travel up to 10,000 microns and many custom variations.

PSA: High-Frequency Piezo Actuators are a kinematic variation that brings higher frequency capabilities to actuated travel ranges up to 1500 microns.

NA: Non-Amplified Piezo Actuators are relatively high stiffness piezo actuators with travel up to 80 microns standard or 300 microns in custom configurations.


Nominal Travel, μm 2100 10000  1500   80
Force, N up to 1160 up to 140  up to 84  up to 1200 



Piezo actuators and positioning systems require specialized drive and control electronics. We offer off-the-shelf electronics and custom circuit design services for piezoelectric applications.


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Electrodynamic vibration test rig

Electrodynamic vibration test rig