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Safe Load, transport and process vibration systems

Safe Load Testing Technologies - european company is based on the 22 years of experience of its staff in the research and development of new methods and equipment for optimizing distribution packaging.

Safe Load offer the companies our own simulation transport technology to reproduce physical and mechanical risks associated with the goods distribution process, to improve quality, reduce damages and costs.


SF-PTG, electromechanical single-component vibration shaker

The SF-PTG is a one-axis, vertical, up-down shaker for responsible product rejection, transportation reliability testing, and process vibration testing.

Vibration testers can be manufactured to customer specifications.


Maximum load, kg  120/250/600/1600/2600/4500 
Frequency range, Hz 10-60
Maximum acceleration  20 g



 SF-VV, vertical vibrating system

Servohydraulic test bench is designed for reproducing realistic movements created during the processing and transportation of products in 3 axes: vertical vibrations, pitch and roll.

The SF-VV test bench can be installed inside an environmental chamber to enable combined testing in real climatic conditions. The SF-VV can be manufactured using electromechanical or hydraulic actuators.


SF-HIE, horizontal impact tester

Shock tests determine the resistance of a package against sudden, abrupt shocks and impacts during shipping and handling. The Horizontal Impact Tester allows to control the shocks to analyze the behavior of the load, generating economic savings for companies.


All applications
Electrodynamic vibration test rig

Electrodynamic vibration test rig