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VISOM, vibration test control systems

VISOM's vibration test control systems offer a wide range of functionality for all types of vibration tests of any complexity, up to multi-axis tests.
The vibration test control systems are compatible with all electrodynamic shakers and offer maximum automation of the test process. Test control and all critical calculations are performed directly in the controller under the control of the operating system in real time, which allows a high speed of response of the system and high accuracy of control and measurement.
All systems are included in the Russian Federation Register of Measuring Instruments.

VS-301, vibration test control system

The vibration test control system BC-301 is designed for setting, measuring and controlling vibration parameters during operation as a part of vibration test facilities.
BC-301 makes it possible to perform a wide range of different tests: sinusoidal signal test, WSS and superposition tests, SPV simulation, various types of shock effects, recording and reproduction of field tests (random accelerogram). VS-301 enables multi-bench tests: the system successfully controls two- and three-axis stands, as well as vibration setups that have up to 6 degrees of freedom.
The modular design of VS-301 makes it easy to increase the capabilities of the system by combining several controllers. Maximum configuration: 32 input channels and 8 output (control) channels.

VS-407, vibration test control and data acquisition system

The vibration test control and signal registration system VS-407 is designed for vibration test control. It is a scalable multi-channel complex with interchangeable measuring modules for connection of different types of sensors. The system enables vibration test control as well as measurement and synchronous data acquisition of vibration, strain measurement, displacement, velocity, pressure, voltage, current, temperature and others. The system supports up to 8 control channels and up to 512 data acquisition channels with analog and digital interfaces.


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Electrodynamic vibration test rig

Electrodynamic vibration test rig