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Completion of work

PT Group Company completed the implementation of a set of works within the framework of the introduction of dynamic voltage distortion compensators (DCIN) into the network of the Nizhnevartovsk gas processing complex. The dynamic voltage distortion compensator is designed to prevent the shutdown of process equipment caused by voltage dips in the external power supply system, protection of fans and compressors of the separation unit, cleaning and drying of associated natural gas.

Our specialists have solved the following tasks:

  • Development of a project for the introduction of a dynamic voltage distortion compensator into the existing power supply system.
  • Supply of a dynamic voltage distortion compensator with an external service bypass cabinet and independent devices for taking into account the parameters of power quality at the input and output of the system.
  • Acceptance tests and commissioning.

Nizhnevartovsk gas processing complex – a company for processing associated petroleum gas is a part of SIBUR.