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In July 2018, PT Group and Zhuhai Sinopak Electric (China) entered into a long-term cooperation agreement on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. PT GROUP received exclusive rights to introduce the energy-improving technologies developed by Zhuhai Sinopak Electric.

The cooperation of the companies will be concentrated in the following areas:

  • high-voltage systems STATCOM internal and external installation, allowing to solve complex problems related to the stabilization of the voltage in the network when the work of high-power consumers, compensation of reactive power and higher harmonic components of current and voltage, eliminate unbalance phases.
  • active filters and industrial UPS with supercapacitors for compensation of harmonics, compensation of voltage dips and short-time voltage cutoffs.

Zhuhai Sinopak Electric specializes in developing and implementing the latest technologies in the field of energy saving automation, power engineering and power electronics. Annually, the company produces more than 60,000 sets of electrical equipment, which is widely used in the manufacture of products from plastic, metallurgy, mining, electric power, electronic, chemical, printing, packaging and textile industries.