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New equipment

PT GROUP company presents new equipment: hidraulig units PRGB.

The hydraulic units provide completely independent control of the hydraulic pressure supplied to individual channels or systems from a single source of hydraulic energy. Their use simplifies the operation, configuration, diagnostics and repair of the hydraulic drive system.



The standard scheme allows you to adjust the speed of the hydraulic cylinder rod in a wide range, limiting the developed forces and performing loading on objects with high rigidity.

Operating pressure up to 315 bar
Working fluid минеральное масло
Maximum flow 11 l/min
Ambient temperature 0…+40 °С







Development and production of hydraulic units according to customer requirements:
• mathematical modeling of the hydraulic drive, including in dynamic modes of operation,
• small batch and single production,
• components, including servo valves, from leading manufacturers,
• working pressure up to 3500 bar, flow rates up to 2000 l/min.

Special Executions
• for extreme temperature conditions,
• explosion proof
• with increased requirements for reliability / redundancy,
• for aggressive environments, from stainless steel.